August 27 – Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Commentary on Isaiah 22:19-23

Cabinet shuffle

Shebna and Eliakim are mentioned when King Sennacherib of Assyria invades Jerusalem (2 Kgs 18; Is 36). It’s not clear what Shebna’s failing was. This passage may refer to a reorganization of court officials by the king of Judah.

Master of the palace

Eliakim will be a steward, someone the king trusts to act on his behalf. His family will share in his prestige (v.23).

  • He’ll receive garments associated with his new position (v.21)
  • The key placed on his shoulder may refer to the ceremony by which he’s installed in his new office (v.22)
  • He’ll be a peg that holds things together (v.23)
  • He’ll be as reliable and protective as a father for the king, the king’s family, and all the people of the kingdom (v.21)

House of Judah refers to the tribe of Judah that descended from Abraham. This large tribe settled in southern Israel. King David and his descendants (his house) came from this tribe.

Want more? To download discussion questions and commentaries on the first reading and the Gospel click here: August 27 – Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time


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